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Summer Program for Interdisciplinary Research and Education - Emerging Interface Technologies (SPIRE-EIT)

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Emerging Interface Technologies

The study of the relationship between humans and increasingly powerful, portable, interconnected and ubiquitous computers has become one of the most rapidly growing and significant fields of technical investigation. Interdisciplinary in the extreme, this emerging field will have an impact on nearly every area of human endeavor. There exists a need to specifically train students in this burgeoning area, and we hold a strong commitment to train students to be the best and the brightest. We feel that involving students in cutting-edge research is the best way to prepare future engineers, scientists, and artists to work at the ever more present interface between humans and computers.

Summer Program for Interdisciplinary Research and Education

The program is a ten-week undergraduate internship where students work collaboratively in interdisciplinary teams, receive core training, and gain hands-on research experience with emerging interface technologies. Interns accepted into this program receive on-campus housing and a meal plan, as well as a stipend.


Changing minds by changing computers - One interface at a time

Funded by NSF Grant IIS-0552522.